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Mom Has 10-Year-Old Son Arrested to Scare Him Straight


The Short of It

Georgia mom Chiquita Hill became frustrated by her 10-year-old son Sean's repeated acting out, so she decided to call the police on him. The cops did what they call an "arrest simulation," which is going into the home, cuffing the boy and putting him in the squad car for about five minutes.

The Lowdown

Sean had been misbehaving in school, acting disrespectfully to his teacher and refusing to do homework. Chiquita says she'd tried repeatedly talking about it with him, but the talks didn't seem to be getting through to him.

"He's going through the phase right now, it's just in one ear out the other," she told News Channel 3. "Being disrespectful at any age to anyone now could get you killed."

Local police said they talked through the simulation with Chiquita beforehand to make sure she was okay with everything they'd do.

After posting photos of the mock arrest online, Chiquita received both positive and negative comments. The mom stands by her decision.

"It's hard for a black male now," she said, "And I just want him to grow up to be successful and to be respectful."

The Upshot

This isn't the first time we've heard parents call in the police to help them discipline their children. Florida dad Gale Garcia asked officers to witness him spank his daughters to avoid abuse accusations.

Maybe I'm a softie, but the photo of the boy crying in the backseat of the police car breaks my heart. Do you think the mom made the right choice in having the arrest simulation done?

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