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Mom Head Butts Principal Over Student Food Fight

The Short of It

A mom of an 11-year-old student who had been given a previous warning for her bad behavior is now banned from Fontenelle Elementary School in Omaha, Neb., after she head butted the principal.

The Lowdown

The head butt heard 'round the Internet was prompted when a food fight broke out in the school cafeteria at lunch and Principal Eric Nelson called the involved students' parents to inform them. The unidentified, 49-year-old mom showed up at the school and began yelling, cursing and intimidating the staff. She even allegedly started roaming the hallways of the school and disrupted a class that was in session. When Principal Nelson tried to stop her erratic and inappropriate behavior, she head butted him. He did not require medical treatment.

Omaha Education Association president Chris Proulx told KETV 7 News that this mom's behavior is part of a growing, shocking trend.

"That's something that puts a lot of people at risk, and we can't have it in our schools," Proulx said. "Violence is never an acceptable response to being mad or frustrated."

The Upshot

No charges have been filed against the mom at this time. Her child has been transferred to another school at her request.

It's truly sad this mother thought she could resolve a problem using violence against the principal, especially since her child is looking to her to set a good example as to how to act in school. It's scary too, since there's no code of conduct to regulate parents' bad behavior.

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