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Mom Keeps Baby Born with Birth Defects after Adoptive Parents Back Out

The Short of It

A mom is keeping the little girl she planned to put up for adoption because the adoptive mother backed out when the baby was born with facial deformities.

The Lowdown

When Christina Fisher found out she was pregnant last year, she wasn't ready to raise a child alone. So the 36-year-old decided to put her unborn baby up for adoption.

She found a family in Georgia who she hoped would give her child a better life. But her dreams were dashed when she gave birth to a baby girl with Treacher Collins syndrome—a rare genetic condition that affects the development of the cheekbones, jaw, ears and eyelids—and the adoptive mother fled the hospital just seconds after seeing her.

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"I let [the adoptive mom] take the other wristband into the NICU," Fisher told Northwest Florida Daily News. "She came out crying and left the hospital. We never heard from them again."

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It's so sad, but there is a silver lining here. After the adoptive mother fled, Fisher took it as a sign that the baby was supposed to be hers and decided to keep her.

"I'm not a religious person at all, but I know when something is smacking me in the face," she explained. "And now, she is my heart."

The Upshot

I know the phrase, "everything happens for a reason," is a total cliché. But in this case, the adoptive mother's actions—while harsh—were truly a blessing in disguise, since Fisher has now stepped up to keep her baby, who she named Abigail.

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Abigail may need cochlear implants and reconstructive surgery when she gets older, but because the condition does not affect the brain, she should be able to lead a perfectly normal life.

Fisher, who described herself as "basically homeless" before Abigail was born, is now living with a friend in a two-bedroom apartment and working at a fast food restaurant to support her little girl. And while she has no plans to one day tell her daughter what happened, she says she's beyond thankful that everything turned out the way it did.

"That kind of rejection from someone so shallow ... she doesn't need to know about it," she explained. "They missed out on the most amazing baby in the world."

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