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Mom Kept Alive for 54 Days on Life Support to Deliver Baby

The Short of It

A Nebraska mom who suffered a severe brain bleed was kept alive for 54 days so that her baby could live.

The Lowdown

Karla Perez, 22, collapsed at home in early February. She was just 22 weeks pregnant when doctors determined she had suffered an irreparable brain bleed.

Her baby was too immature to live outside the mom's body. So doctors made the very difficult decision to keep Perez alive using extraordinary measures in the hopes her baby could later be delivered.

"Our team took a giant leap of faith. We were attempting something that not many before us have been able to do," Sue Korth, vice president and COO of Methodist Women's Hospital, said in a statement.

Eight weeks later, baby Angel was delivered via C-section. Weighing just 2 pounds and 16 ounces, the tiny infant is in an incubator and is being fed through a tube. Doctors are cautiously optimistic about Angel's future.

The Upshot

Incredibly, it took a team of more than 100 doctors to keep Perez alive long enough for her baby to be born. Truly, Angel's birth story is a miracle. A birth like this has not been attempted in this country since 1999. Here's wishing the sweet newborn health and happiness in life; a life that almost didn't happen.

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