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Mom in Labor Rushes to Fire Station to Deliver Baby

Eastside Fire Fighters/Facebook

The Short of It

A mom in labor called paramedics for help. But when the baby wouldn't wait, she went to them!

The Lowdown

En route to the hospital to deliver her second child, mom Jessica Kober says her contractions were so painful, she knew she wouldn't make it, especially given that traffic in her town of Sammamish, Wash., was seemingly working against her.

"We hit the red light at Starbucks; we hit the red light at Skyline; we hit the next red light. I was just like, 'Oh, my gosh, this baby is coming now!'" Kober told KOMO News.

She asked her husband Ryan Kober to call 911, realizing the dire situation they were in, but when she felt the baby's head coming out, she knew even the paramedics wouldn't get there fast enough to deliver her. So she instructed Ryan to go to them.

Lt. Ryan Anderson recalls hearing banging on the firehouse door shortly after receiving a dispatch call about a woman in labor.

"And as soon as we raised the bay door, we could see immediately that the mom was in pain. She had these big eyes," he told KOMO News. About the soon-to-be dad, Anderson says, "He was nervous and stressed too, like, 'Help my wife.'"


The Upshot

Thank goodness, the Kobers did stop at the firehouse, because their daughter Melody Grace was born just four minutes later! She was still in her amniotic sac, which is a sign of good luck, according to many well-wishers of the new parents.

"If the fire department hadn't been there, my husband would have delivered her on the side of the road," a relieved Kober said.

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