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Mom Makes Own Female Superhero Dolls for Her Daughter

Black Widow/Facebook

The Short of It

An Australian mom is transforming her daughter's Barbie and Bratz dolls into female superheroes after she noticed a lack of available female action figures. She's hoping to spread the message that girls like superheroes, too.

The Lowdown

Three-year-old Abigail Millar loves "The Avengers" and desperately wanted a Black Widow doll to play with. But her mom, Rebecca Millar, couldn't find any of the superheroine action figures in shops in their hometown of Melbourne, Australia, and couldn't justify spending $80 to get one online. Luckily, inspiration struck.

"I was in a shop buying her a Thor when I walked past a red-haired Sparkle doll and thought maybe I could turn her into Black Widow," Millar said. "I'm hopeless at sewing doll clothes, so I Googled if I could paint it, got the doll, and turned her into Black Widow."

Abigail loved the doll her mom made, so her mom started making more of the female action figures she couldn't find in stores. She's made about 30 of what she calls "Geek Grrl Dolls" and has started a Facebook page. She even created instructions to show others how to make their own.

"She seems to be most attached to [the Black Widow], but also loves the Janeway and Dax dolls (from Star Trek), the Agent Scully doll (X-Files), and the Abby Sciuto (NCIS) ones, too," Millar told Hello Giggles.

The Upshot

The lack of female action figures in stores has been noticed by more than just Abigail and her mom. A hashtag campaign, #WheresBlackWidow, is being used to encourage Marvel to produce the comic book superheroine merchandise, and others have been asking why Gamora, the female green alien from "Guardians of the Galaxy" played by Zoe Saldana, was not represented in that movie's merchandise.

And Millar has received some negative attention for her dolls, too.

"There's been a lot of outrage about the dolls' bodies," she told Hello Giggles. "Their thigh gaps in particular seem to annoy people, and there's been a lot of comments directed at me over that. So, I'd like to nicely remind people that I don't actually make the dolls, I just paint them!"

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