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Mom Pulls Carjacker Out of Her Car with Her Kids Inside

The Short of It

When would-be carjackers tried to steal a mom's car while her kids were still inside, she let them know it so wasn't happening.

The Lowdown

Every mom on earth will understand why a gas station surveillance video caught a Florida mother literally diving into the driver's side of her car after a man trying to steal it and yanking him out of the vehicle. Her two children were in the backseat, and she wasn't about to let anyone drive off with her precious cargo.

What's even more amazing is that the thief wasn't acting alone. His accomplice is in the passenger seat, but is soon seen fleeing the scene along with the man the mom refused to allow take her kids on an unsolicited ride.

"She fought. She dragged the guy out of the car, and they both ran away like cowards," Carl Zogby with the Hilaleah Police Department told local news station Fox 6.

In fact, they ran to a getaway car that soon caught the attention of an officer, who arrested the men and their female driver. The failed carjackers are now in jail.

The Upshot

Haven't would-be criminals learned not to mess with mama bears? A similar situation played out in Texas when a mother went nuts on a man who hit her vehicle with her child inside. Let these stories serve as a warning to anyone who tries to mess with a mom. Because nothing is more important to us than our kids, and don't you forget it!

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