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Mom Receives Rude Letter from Facebook 'Friends' for Over-Posting Baby Pics

The Short of It

An Australian mom received an anonymous letter accusing her of posting too many photos of her 6-month-old daughter on Facebook.

The Lowdown

Jade Ruthven loves her daughter Addison and isn't afraid to show it. But apparently some of her so-called "friends" on Facebook were sick of seeing a constant stream of pics of the tot—because they have so many better things to do, like get together and compose a rude anonymous letter.

The letter, shared in Australian media originally, says:

"I have got together with a few of the girls and we are all SO OVER your running commentary of your life and every single thing Addy does. Look we all have kids that we are besotted with — guess what – every parent thinks their kid is the best ever. But we don't ram it down everyone else's neck!!! She wears a new outfit – well take a photo and send it PRIVATELY to the person who gave it to her – not to everyone!!!! She crawls off the mat – we DON'T care!!!!! She's 6 months old – BIG DEAL!!! Stop and think – if every mother posted all that crap about their kid – I'm sure you'd get over it pretty quickly. We can't wait for you to get back to work - maybe you won't have time to be on Facebook quite so much. Addy is gorgeous and we all love her, but our kids are great too. I guess you are just pissing a lot of people off with all your 'Addy this and Addy that' – we all thought it might ease off after the first month, but it hasn't. Not everyone is as interested as you are about what Addy does so give us all a break. We're doing this to let you know what people really think."

Wow. I can't even imagine how I would feel if I received such a nasty, condescending letter that wasn't even signed. Perhaps I'd feel attacked, betrayed, and a bit sorry for the people who actually took the time to write it.

As points out, unfollowing Ruthven on Facebook would have been so much easier and more considerate of her feelings.

Ruthven explains her reaction to the mean missive this way: "I was actually excited when I checked the mail and saw a hand-written envelope thinking it was an invite. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect what was in it. I was shaking with anger and shock to think a so-called friend of mine could be so heartless and gutless to not even sign their name."

The Upshot

Meanwhile, the shocked mom has no intention of changing her ways, saying, "It takes a lot more to keep me down than a nasty letter!"

What would your response be to such a harsh letter?

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