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Mom Recreates Famous Paintings Using Her Kids as Models

The Short of It

A mom uses famous paintings as inspiration for unique family photos.

The Lowdown

On her blog Rembrandted Kids, mom-of-three Lucie Kruta has elevated photographing her children to an art form—literally. Kruta's recreations of famous paintings with her kids and others as models are going viral, and it's easy to see why.

Works of art like Alphonse Mucha's Jaroslava, The Corn Poppy by Kees van Dongen, and even abstract art by Matisse serve as inspiration for this mama who painstakingly sets scenes for her photos so they very closely resemble the originals. My personal favorite is the image of Degas' ballerina she recreates for a baby's grandmother. I'm also in love with the photo of her daughter made to look like Frida Kahlo's painting, and the Édouard Manet inspired piece, which was actually her first photograph in the series.

Incredibly, Kruta's collection of images has grown to close to 300. And while you'd think arranging the photos might be a pain, the mom says instead the project has allowed her to bond with her kids. I'm guessing they really enjoy serving as models for their extremely gifted mother!

The Upshot

I'll admit I feel slightly inadequate after seeing Kruta's version of family photography. I'm more of the point and shoot kind of mama. Oh, well. Good for her, though!

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