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Mom Saves Her 5-Year-Old from the Jaws of a Mountain Lion

The Short of It

A mom fights off a mountain lion who is attacking her young son!

The Lowdown

We've all read the headlines about the parents who tried desperately to rescue their 2-year-old son from the jaws of an alligator at Disney World. Tragically, that animal overpowered them, and their toddler was killed. Now comes the story of a Colorado mom who successfully wrestled her 5-year-old son free from the mouth of a mountain lion.

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According to ABC News, mountain lions are not uncommon in the Aspen, Colo., area where this family lives, in fact, as many as 4,500 roam the mountains there. Still, attacks on humans are rare.

But when this brave mom, whose name has not been released, ran outside to check on her two boys playing when she heard screams, she was horrified to see her younger child being attacked by a predator. The boy was completely under the cat, so she yanked away one of its paws and discovered her son's whole head was in its mouth.

"She was able to pry the cat's jaws open," Pitkin County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Buglione told ABC. "She's a hero."

After she pried open the lion's mouth with her hands, she scooped up her son and ran away, the deputy said.

"It wasn't a big cat. Had it been a 110-pound lion, which I've seen around here, this would have been a much different story," Buglione said.

According to ABC News, the boy's father had just returned from a run when the attack occurred. He jumped in the car with his wife and son and called 911 as they sped to the Aspen hospital.

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The Upshot

The boy reportedly suffered deep cuts to his head and face and was flown to a Denver hospital in fair condition. His courageous mother, who likely saved her child's life, also received lacerations and bites to her hands and legs.

The lion involved in the attack was later tracked and killed, and at least two other animals in the area were also put down due to possible safety concerns.

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All parents would like to believe we could do anything if our child faced danger, even fight off a wild animal. The reality is, wild animals are called that for a reason. There's no telling what they will do if they're hungry, scared, or simply following their instincts. That's why keeping our kids away from wild animals if at all possible is so important.

For me, that means not allowing my kids to play outside by themselves because we live in an area populated by black bears. An attack on a human would be very unlikely, but I figure, why ever chance it?

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