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Mom Saves Her Own Life by Trying to Save Her Son's

The Short of It

Wisconsin mom Kerri Evensen was hoping to save her 4-year-old son's life by donating part of her liver to him, but she didn't expect to also save her own life by undergoing the pre-op testing.

The Lowdown

Kerri's 4-year-old son Auden was diagnosed with a rare liver disease and needs a transplant to survive. Kerri stepped up to donate a portion of her liver to save him. Her heroic measures ended up also saving her own life when doctors discovered an aneurysm near her kidney during a routine MRI for the procedure.

The finding was undoubtedly a blessing in disguise. Kerri's husband Tom told WKOW News that his wife had no symptoms.

"It was to the point if we did go through and have another child ... the aneurysm could have burst and could have been severely life-threatening," he said.

More than 13,000 deaths occur every year in the United States from ruptured aneurysms, which take place when a weak spot in the blood vessel wall swells and creates an abnormal bulge that ruptures and causes internal bleeding.

"I know I would never had done any other test to find this aneurysm in time," Kerri told WKOW. "So he [Auden] absolutely 100 percent saved my life, by checking ... to save his life."

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The Upshot

Kerri's aneurysm was treated with surgery, and now she is once again a candidate to donate part of her liver to Auden. His transplant has been scheduled for mid-November, and Tom says it will solve all of his son's current ailments.

"You wait almost five years [for the transplant]," he said. "To finally put a date on it is really exciting."

Follow Auden's journey on the Hats on for Auden Facebook page.

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