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Mom Shares Son's Dry Drowning Photo to Warn Parents

The Short of it

While spending a muggy, summer afternoon with friends swimming, Ezra, 3, who doesn't know how to swim, jumped in the pool and went under for a snap second until an adult pulled him up. His mom, Darcy McQueeny, thought that was the full episode, but hours later, she rushed him to the ER for a dry drowning episode.

The Lowdown

Ezra usually swims with floaties on his arms, but when he jumped in the pool, he wasn't wearing them. An adult in the pool pulled him out of the water in seconds.

"Ezra was never unconscious," Darcy told Yahoo Parenting. “He coughed up a lot of water and said that his chest hurt, but he was talking the whole time.” 

However, mom noticed he was falling asleep at dinner and coughing. Wasting no time, she rushed her child to the ER.

"Everybody looked at us like, ‘He seems fine,’” she said. But at 10 p.m., the preschooler's mom says his eyes glazed over, describing him as "there, but not really there.” He was dry drowning. Thankfully, he was at the hospital, and doctors were able to revive him.

Darcy posted a photo to her Facebook page, hoping to educate other parents. 

“Please take a good look at this photo,” she wrote a day after the accident. “He only went under for less than 30 seconds."

The Upshot  

This story sheds light on the different kinds of drowning that can occur, even when a child isn’t in water. As a mom with an 8-year-old who knows how to swim, I learned a lot from this article. My kid is always goofing around with friends at the pool, and he could swallow water at any time. I do my best to keep a close eye on him when he's swimming, but now I think I'll keep a closer eye. 

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