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Mom Suggests Child-Free Flights & Heated Debate Takes Off Online

The Short of It

Writer and mom Kelly-Rose Bradford has suggested that airlines should offer child-free flights, which has created a jet fuel hot debate online.

The Lowdown

On British TV, Bradford asked, "Is it really necessary to take a tiny baby on a long flight? I think there's an element of selfishness from parents who insist on not changing their lifestyle once they have their children because there are some things that just aren't practical."

She went on to suggest, "We've got business class; we've got first class; why can't we have a family section? Surely that would be better for everybody? You've got miserable, moany people like me who do not want your delightful children wailing in my ear for my flight."

Bradford is not the first person to offer up the idea that children should be banned from flying on some legs of travel, or seated separately, so adults can get from Point A to Point B undisturbed. But her recent suggestion spawned its own hashtag on social media, #ChildFreeFlights, with people taking firm stances on both sides of the aisle.

Here's a sampling of what's being said on Twitter:

The Upshot

It isn't only children who are known to act like juveniles on flights. Adults who get too intoxicated mid-air create scenes all the time, as do many other supposed grownups when they don't get their way. I say, if we are going to ban kids, we ban anyone who can't make it through a 6-hour flight without acting like a baby.

Besides, there has always been crying babies on airplanes. It seems our tolerance is just lower.

What's your take?

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