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Mom Suing School after Teacher and Students Threatened Her Gay Son

The Short of It

Shawna Dicintio, the mom of an openly gay teenager, is suing Oregon's Hillsboro School District because a teacher threatened her son. But students are rallying around...the teacher.

The Lowdown

According to Oregon Live, the lawsuit claims that during an assembly, Dicintio's son, who is a special education student and openly gay, was discussing with a friend that he thought another boy was cute. Teacher Brett Trosclair then allegedly turned around, told the kids to shut up and then threatened to kill them and throw them down the stairs.

After the students complained, Trosclair was put on administrative leave. But other students said Trosclair was only joking and rallied to support him. They organized a walkout, started the hashtag #TeamTrosclair, and even launched a Facebook page called Support Mr. T in his defense.

When Trosclair returned to school, Dicintio said the student support for him turned into threats against her son. She also stated in the lawsuit that school leaders have both physically and verbally harassed her son, and administrators had done little to help.

The Upshot

Dicintio is now asking the school district to pay for past and future medical bills and to allow her son, who is currently taking online classes, to be able to return safely to school, even if that requires giving him a police escort or private security. And she wants every district teacher and administrator to attend eight hours of diversity training on sexual orientation and gender identity.

I get that Mr. T is a popular teacher, but no matter how well loved and good at their job a person is, bias and discrimination is not something to be taken lightly. What do you think?

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