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Mom Thought She Was Having 1 Baby—But She Delivers 5!

The Short of It

A woman in India thought she was giving birth to one baby, but she ended up delivering quintuplets.

The Lowdown

We've heard of women who didn't know they were pregnant until they gave birth. Now meet a woman who knew she was expecting, but not quite so many babies! Manita Singh is a new mom-of-five girls, but she originally thought she was only having one child.

Her delivery odyssey began when Singh experienced labor pains at 26 weeks along and was rushed to the hospital. She birthed one baby girl ... and then four more ... all within half an hour and all naturally.

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The Singhs lost a son previously. Manita's husband, Manish, therefore said after the births of his daughters, "I am extremely grateful to God for blessing us with not one but five children. We were heartbroken when we lost our first child, a son, immediately after birth two years ago. I believe God has compensated the loss. I only hope that they all survive and I can give them a wonderful life."

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The babies are definitely not out of the woods yet; they were each born weighing just over 3 pounds. As their doctor said, "We are very happy for the parents, but the babies are under supervision as they all are premature. While they are healthy, we cannot say if they will survive. However, we are doing every bit to save them."

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The Upshot

You may be wondering as I did, how on earth Singh didn't know she was pregnant with multiples. It turns out the mom never had an ultrasound.

Here's hoping the five miracle babies grow and thrive. Clearly, their parents are eager to love their unexpected brood.

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