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Mom Tried to Use Deceased Daughter's Eggs to Conceive a Grandchild

The Short of It

After her daughter died, a UK mom wanted to use her daughter's frozen eggs to conceive a grandchild. But the court has rejected her request.

The Lowdown

The StarTribune reports that the woman's daughter died in 2011—the cause of death was not reported—and had signed a consent form agreeing to store her eggs after her death.

The mom and her husband wanted to have the daughter's eggs shipped from the UK to a U.S. fertility clinic so they could be fertilized and then transferred into her, so that she could carry her future grandchild.

However, because the daughter hadn't specified how the eggs could be used, Britain's High Court refused to allow the eggs to be sent abroad.

The Upshot

This case certainly brings up the issue of what people can do with eggs and embryos after someone's death. The fact that the daughter agreed to have her eggs frozen in the first place certainly suggests that she was open to them being used posthumously, but because she didn't say how, we really can't know for sure.

We're sure we'll see cases like this more and more as fertility procedures become more common. For example, in 2011, an Israeli family was given the right to harvest their 17-year-old daughter's eggs after she died in a car accident.

What do you think? Should the mother have been allowed to conceive a child with her deceased daughter's eggs?

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