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Mom Warns of Dangers of Car Surfing After Son's Injury

The Short of It

Mom Rebecca Carter is speaking openly about the car surfing injury that left her son, Will, unable to walk at his high school graduation. She hopes to deter others from trying the dangerous stunt.

The Lowdown

Add car surfing to the list of crazy things teens will try. This thrill ride—where someone stands on the roof, bumper or hood of a moving vehicle—is popular on YouTube. When Will and some friends tried it last Friday, they faced some scary consequences.

"Will was standing on the bumper of an SUV and holding on while the car was moving. Evidently, he lost his footing, lost his grip, which caused him to fall and meet the pavement with his head," Rebecca said.

Will suffered a brain injury, along with road rash, cuts and bruises. He was unable to walk at his high school graduation, and instead, his high school principal delivered his diploma to him in his hospital bed.

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The Upshot

While Will is able to use his arms and legs and is on the road to recovery, Rebecca is thankful his injuries weren't even more serious.

"Obviously, my son acted on his own. He made a choice to do this. Will is fortunate and only by the grace of God do I believe he's still here," the mom said.

We all might want to take this opportunity to remind our children of the dangers of car surfing. Teens sometimes feel invincible—or bow to peer pressure—so don't assume your child won't try it. Even if it seems crazy to you, it might seem like a lot of fun to your kid.

"I had no idea that my son would do something like that. We just have to band together as parents and be aware of the things that are out there," says Rebecca.

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