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Mom Who Breastfed Baby after Spray Tan Defends Herself

The Short of It

A British mom who left an orange "beard" on her baby after nursing him too soon after a spray tan treatment has been viciously verbally attacked since she posted a photo of her oops online. She decided to defend herself in an open letter.

The Lowdown

Last month, mommy blogger Gemma Colley shared a photo on Facebook of her baby with an orange circle around his mouth, which was the result of her breastfeeding her son too soon after getting a spray tan. The mother of two made fun of her "epic parenting fail," and the photo went viral. Many, however, didn't think it was funny and criticized the mom for her actions, calling her the "worst mum in the world" and "selfish."

While Colley admits it wasn't her finest moment, she is defending herself against the haters in an open letter:

"You know what I don't think I'm all that bad. Yes, I occasionally forget things, lose my s***, give my eldest (two and a half) one too many biscuits, and occasionally let the CBeebies presenters babysit. But I'd hardly say that constitutes as the worst mum in the world. lf the worst thing I can do is give my baby an unintentional 5 o'clock shadow, I don't think I've done too bad. [sic]"

The Upshot

While accidentally giving a baby a partial spray tan is definitely not ideal, Colley did feed her son when he was hungry, which is what good moms do. Plus, I agree with Colley that moms are allowed to have some "me" time, whether it's going out for lunch with friends, taking a nap, or getting a pedicure—or, yes, a spray tan, if that's what you're into.

"For the ones who said I was selfish for having a spray tan, well God forbid a mum should take a bit of time out for herself," Colley wrote. "I forgot I should have them both attached by umbilical cord until they reach their 18th birthdays. I love spending time with my boys, but occasionally I need a break, not a crime. [sic]"

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