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Mom Who Did Acroyoga During Pregnancy Gets Newborn in on Balancing Act

The Short of It

A yoga teacher who performed incredible acrobatic tricks with her husband during her pregnancy is now getting her newborn involved in the balancing act.



The Lowdown

When new mom Lizzy Tomber was pregnant, she kept fit while rocking her baby bump in one of the coolest ways we've ever seen: by doing acroyoga—a mashup of acrobatics and yoga—well into her third trimester. In fact, she practiced acroyoga up until four days before her son's birth in February. No surprise, the photos of her seriously impressive poses that she posted to Instagram quickly went viral earlier this year.

"My doctor was really awesome and said, 'If you're comfortable, and this is what you do on a daily basis you shouldn't stop doing it,'" Tomber explained to ABC News.



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Now the acroyoga teacher and her husband, Josh—who she met in an acroyoga class and now travels the world teaching the practice with full-time—are at it again. Only this time, they've got their 6-week-old baby boy David in on the action. In one photo, she balances on her husband's feet with a Baby Bjorn strapped to her chest!

Check it out:



When mama is happy, the whole family does better," she wrote in the caption. "Learning how to take care of myself while taking care of our sweet baby."

Josh also posted the image over on little David's Instagram account—because, of course, he already has one! Only this time, the caption reads: "My mom loves to fly and I don't mind going along for a ride."

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The Upshot

About David's debut, Tomber told Cosmopolitan, "He's just holding up his own neck, so we're not rushing it, but hopefully he grows to love doing acrobatics."

These guys are pretty amazing. I remember doing the Superman move with both of my kids, but this takes the whole "flying" thing to a whole new level and proves that parenthood really is the ultimate balancing act!

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