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Mom Who Wrote Blog About Son's Failing Health Convicted of His Murder

The Short of It

Lacey Spears, the New York mom who gained national attention after she reportedly poisoned her young son with a lethal dose of sodium, was convicted of his murder by a White Plains jury Monday.

The Lowdown

Garnett Spears was just 5 years old when he died. His mom, Lacey, had chronicled the tot's health problems on her blog, Garnett's Journey, and on social media since 2009.

Prosecutors argued Spears intentionally harmed her son as a way to get noticed online, by friends and medical professionals.

"She seemed to relish in the attention and sympathy she got from having a sick little boy," Assistant District Attorney Doreen Lloyd said.

In just five years, Garnett endured dozens of hospital stays for health problems, ranging from digestive issues to high fevers, all of which were chillingly recounted on the mom's blog. He had a feeding tube inserted at just 9 months old.

One damning piece of evidence that helped to convict Spears of her son's murder was a video of her escorting Garnett into a hospital bathroom with the connector to his feeding tube. After the incident, the little boy seemed ill.

Sadly, no one realized how sick the boy was getting until it was too late.

The Upshot

Experts say Spears suffers from a rare disorder called Munchausen by proxy, which caused her to purposely harm Garnett to attract sympathy and attention. Her defense attorneys didn't use the syndrome as part of her defense in court.

No word yet on how long the mom will be in prison.

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