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Mom's Awesome Lunch Bag Notes Give Us #BTSGoals

The Short of It

Sure, school's already out of session for most of our kids, but at least that means we have several weeks to practice lunch bag skills like the ones this mom has mastered.

The Lowdown

Canadian mom Jenn Aguilar is giving us serious back-to-school goals! According to the Huffington Post, she creates original notes and drawings on lunch bags for her sons, 14-year-old Kale and 12-year-old Konnor, every day. Aguilar chronicles her brown bag masterpieces on an Instagram account called "Lunch Bag Adventures."

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Each day, Kale and Konnor must be the talk of the cafeteria with brown bags like this one. Aguilar even incorporates jokes and puns into her creations—although her kids haven't always appreciated them. She says of her sons' reactions to her special notes, "At first they were a little embarrassed, but now they look forward to seeing what I've come up with and even request special characters now."

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She also told the Huffington Post, "I hope it puts a smile on people's faces. I am humbled and grateful for this and just amazed by the interest this has garnered."

The Upshot

I just want to know how this busy mom has time to personalize her sons' lunches every day? I mean, I'm lucky if I remember to pack a sandwich and a drink for my daughters. Oh well, #BTS lunch goals!

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