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Mom's Breast Milk Earns Her Money for Christmas Gifts

The Short of It

British mom-of-four Rebecca Hudson has found a unique way to pay for her kids' Christmas gifts: she's selling her breast milk, and oh baby, has she turned a profit!

The Lowdown

The Hudson children can expect a very merry Christmas this year! Their mom has earned an impressive $4,750 so far selling what mother nature gave her. Her milk goes for $20 for a 5-ounce bottle.

It may be an unconventional way to earn dough, but you know what's even more eyebrow raising? Who is buying her supply! Hudson's regular clients include a chef and a bodybuilder.

This mama's breast milk business began when she gave birth to her daughter Milly 10 weeks early. She was producing more milk than Milly could guzzle. But Hudson didn't want to waste it, so she appealed to a local hospital to see if they would accept a milk donation. When they declined, Hudson went online and set up shop.

"I didn't want to pour it away because it takes a lot of work to produce breast milk. It takes energy and time," the savvy lactater turned businesswoman told ITV's This Morning program.

The Upshot

While I applaud Hudson's gumption, buying breast milk online comes with inherent risks since no one is regulating the process, from the cleanliness of the pump being used to the health of the mother. I think it's safer to buy from a milk bank, where moms are screened for diseases, and you know exactly what you're getting.

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