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Mom's "Can't Feel My Face" Parody Captures How We Really Feel About Back-to-School

The Short of It

Back-to-school time always brings out some hilarious photos and videos—and the best may have been saved for last. A new parody of the hit song "Can't Feel My Face" has gone viral: Jessi Sanfilippo's version, called "Can't Get Some Peace," shows the mom rejoicing after sending her 7-year-old to school. Who else can relate?!

The Lowdown

YouTube comedian and Shuggilippo blogger, Jessi Sanfilippo, has retooled "Can't Feel My Face" for moms—and her lyrics and dance moves to the parody version, "Can't Get Some Peace," are hysterical and right on.

"They say to cherish everything because they won't always be young, yeah I know (eye roll) DUH I know."

Cozied up under a plush blanket, shoving popcorn in her mouth, Sanfilippo lip-syncs: "And I can binge-watch shows when you're at school. 'Real Housewives' crush it, I'm not above it." (She credits a friend with the vocals, writing, "I can't sing to save my life.") She makes cleaning look fun, with the lyric: "I can't clean this place 'til you're at school. And I love it, can finally dust it." And she admits, "lunches will be the death of me, because I can't make this fun," as she attempts a perfect character cutout sandwich—and throws the cookie cutter. Yes! Most of us stink at making overachiever butterfly bento box lunches in rainbow colors, right? 


The Upshot

Still, this is a parody. "The essence behind the lyrics is to devote that face-to-face time with your kids to being present and an example," Sanfilippo told TODAY Parents. "Personally, clean baseboards are far less important to me than a blanket fort that swallows the entire living room for a few days. I think that's the genuine priority for most all parents — segmenting their time and attention when they can to raise great human beings who will carry wonderful memories from their childhood." I agree! But boy does that 8:10 am school drop-off feel nice.

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