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Moms Launch Gender Busting Children's Clothing Line

The Short of It

Have you ever wished everything for little girls wasn't so "girly"? Girls like dinosaurs, trucks and the color blue, too! Two Washington, D.C. area moms, Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair, decided to do something about it and launched the Princess Awesome clothing line for girls via Kickstarter.

The Lowdown

Melsky, a teacher and mother of two, and St. Clair, a mother of four with a background in website management, are both passionate about their revolutionary concept and are determined to see their business succeed. They saw a deficit in the girls' clothing line, and they believe they've filled it.

These moms not only wanted to provide a product for little girls who wanted to stray away from traditional "girly" prints, but also to make little girls happy with their fashion choices, allow them to decide what makes them feel good with what they're wearing, and decide for themselves what's "girly."

The Upshot

In just a few days, Princess Awesome became the highest-funded children's clothing project on Kickstarter, surpassing its original goal of raising $35,000. It's currently at $89,241. The website has closed because the first batch of handmade dresses are nearly sold out. The hope is to be able to reopen their online store this summer.

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