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Monopoly is Going Cashless, and Parents Aren't Happy About it

The Short of It

Monopoly has gone cashless, and some parents aren't happy about it.

The Lowdown

Hasbro released its new "Ultimate Banking" Monopoly set at Toy Fair 2016 earlier this week. Here's how it works: Instead of juggling piles of pink, green, and yellow bills, players will now scan barcodes on property cards to purchase or rent homes, and then tap a debit card on a card reader to complete the transaction.

So cool!

But many parents aren't too pleased with the changes.

"I'm disappointed!" said Today money expert Jean Chatzky. "What parent hasn't had the experience with a child wanting something, being told no, and the child saying something along the lines of, 'We'll just get more money from the machine'? Children need to understand how money gets into the machine to begin with."

"I am worried my kids won't even recognize cash!" added parenting editor and mother-of-two Rebecca Dube. "While I definitely appreciate the convenience of credit cards, it seems like counting up those ones, fives and tens is a good learning experience the next generation will miss out on."

Over on Facebook, many parents agreed.

"I'm sorry, but this version will make us lazier in learning and maintaining finances.... not to mention less fun for family nights," wrote one. "Epic fail."

"Do not want or like this version," added another. "Maybe I am old fashioned but I like the original version."

Another commenter voiced a different kind of concern: "How am I supposed to cheat now??" he asked.

The Upshot

I gotta be honest here.... I think the changes are awesome. I never carry around cash. I favor debit cards, credit cards, and Apple Pay. In my humble opinion, Ultimate Banking Monopoly is the wave of the futureā€”a game that's teaching our kids the skills they'll actually use in the future.

Do you agree or disagree?

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