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More Companies Are Giving Parents Creative Perks

The Short of It

Companies are exploring new ways to cater to employees who are parents with on-site daycare, unlimited vacation days, overnight newborn care and more.

The Lowdown

Wanting to help employees who are moms and dads achieve a better work-life balance, some companies have started offering creative child-related perks. Here are some of the benefits being offered around the country:

  • At United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, parents can bring their babies to work with them until they are 6 months old. They can set up a portable crib or pack 'n' play in their cubicles and wear their infants in baby carriers to meetings.
  • At Mainstreet, a real estate development company in Indiana, moms and dads can bring older kids into the office and leave them in a dedicated kids' room complete with games and a wall they can write on.
  • BlackSpoke, an IT consulting company in Washington, D.C., is paying for employees with newborns to have a month of service from Let Mommy Sleep, which provides overnight newborn care in families' homes.
  • Fashion designer Rachel Zoe recently built an in-house nursery for employees at her West Hollywood office.
  • Longer parental leave and extra cash for child-related expenses is also trending up. Netflix just announced its employees can take "as much time as they want" of paid parental leave, and Microsoft recently stretched its paid parental leave to 12 weeks. Google gives 18 weeks paid maternity leave and offers $500 in "baby bonding bucks," while Facebook offers 4 months of paid parental leave and $4,000 in cash.

The Upshot

Let's hope these perks for parents continue in the workplace and inspire even more companies to create environments and policies that benefit moms and dads. There's an upside for the businesses, too: Happier, better-rested and less-stressed parents make for more productive employees.

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