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Nanny Frightened When Baby Monitor Is Hacked

The Short of It

Houston, Texas, nanny Ashley Stanley was freaked out when she heard a voice speaking to her through a baby monitor, especially since no one was home except for her and the 1-year-old girl she watches.

The Lowdown

"I thought it was her mom and dad playing a joke on me," Stanley told KHOU TV.

And she wondered if a toy was turned on, but then the unthinkable happened, the voice told her, "That's a really poopy diaper." That's when Ashley panicked.

She immediately thought the camera had been hacked. Her suspicion was proved right when the voice told her that she should password protect the camera.

Ashley called the child's parents, who confirmed that they hadn't been playing a joke on her, and she unplugged the camera.

The family and nanny believed the Foscam high tech baby monitor system was set up to only allow viewing on the mobile app when the phone was also on the network. Obviously, this was not the case.

The Upshot

Foscam has an extensive list of protective measures for users to employ to make sure that their systems are safe. The key measure is to create a password and username that are complicated by using a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.

While the family believes what happened was just a harmless prank, the bigger concern is that if the camera can be compromised, who else is watching?

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