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New App Shows Moms Best Places for Breastfeeding

The Short of It

For moms looking to find a safe, clean place to nurse their babies, a new app called Moms Pump Here may be the answer.

The Lowdown

Moms Pump Here, which launched in May for iOS, is an online GPS tool that helps moms find, rate and share breastfeeding room locations. The app uses GPS technology to pair a user's location with a list of nearby spaces and notes whether there's a designated breastfeeding station, bathroom or other spot to rest. Users can submit spaces and personal reviews, which then are vetted by Moms Pump Here staff.

Co-founded by Kim Harrison and Priya Nembhard, the app was inspired by Harrison's own difficulty in finding a good place to pump.

"With my third son, I was fortunate to nurse on-demand most of the time, but I had customers and projects that needed me, so I went back to work when he was only 4 weeks old," Harrison wrote on the app's website. "I pumped extra milk whenever I could, at a client's offices, bathrooms, hotel and department store lounges, train stations, airports—anywhere I needed to."

The Upshot

As a mom who nursed my daughter for 10 months, I had to find public places to breastfeed many times. I nursed her on a bench in front of a supermarket, in the park, in restaurants, and even on an apartment building's front stoop. When I was lucky enough to find a nice, quiet, private nursing room, it was a miracle. I would have loved to have had an app like this!

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