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New 'Frozen' App is Shockingly Ill-Conceived

The Short of It

It was only a matter of time before 'Frozen' inspired knock-off gear and games. A new app called "Anna Giving Birth" is shockingly inappropriate for the kids ages 4 and older it counts as its target audience.

The Lowdown

"Anna Giving Birth" is an unlicensed app, which parents can buy on iTunes and, should they wish to expose their kids to an extremely questionable game.

The premise of the game is this: "Anna got married, and she was pregnant in the spring. Now nine months had [sic] elapsed, and it's time to give birth to a baby. Anna needs a very experienced doctor to help her deliver her baby. Let's come to help her!"


I watched a YouTube video preview of the game to see if it was as cringe-worthy as it sounds. Spoiler alert: It is.

The game starts with a display of photos of Anna and Kristoff's love story. The last photo is of her, pregnant. Just that image alone was disturbing for me. Isn't she, like, 16 in the movie? Great message for young girls!

Then, the sweet, innocent princess my three daughters love and adore is on the operating table, ready to deliver! Kids can give a bare-bellied Anna a sonogram. Holy inappropriate. Hey kids, let's give Anna a C-section. Is this for real?

The game makers thankfully spared us the grotesque details of viewing Anna's innards. Because then, magically, a baby appears! Even more magically, the princess's stomach is instantly flat again with no scar. Oh, and did I mention Anna has slept through this entire procedure? Lucky her.

Time to swaddle the new baby!

The Upshot

Besides the fact that this Frozen inspired app is wrong simply on the face of things, a therapist points out to Yahoo Parenting that casual knife play for kids is a very alarming concept. The children playing "Anna Giving Birth" may not understand the consequences of cutting open a real person's stomach.

But you don't even have to go there. The game is laughably ill-conceived. I'm waiting for the follow-up app, "Anna Killing Kristoff." Because that's about the only concept more ridiculous than this one.

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