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New Home Party Trend: Hosting Egg Freezing Parties

Short & Sweet

Companies like Apple and Facebook started a new trend when they offered to start paying for things like freezing eggs. Some doctors, like Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh in Silicon Valley, are hosting egg freezing parties. You know, informal meetings full of fertility information over tapas and wine. Happy hour for your ovaries; a Tupperware party for your eggs.

The Lowdown

Dr. Eyvazzadeh hosted several women for her first egg freezing party last week in San Francisco. Women sipped on drinks and nibbled on appetizers while the doctor explained how eggs are collected. And just like home product party specials, if someone hosts her own version of the party with Dr. Eyvazzadeh, the hostess will get a significant discount.

"It's the 2014 version of the Tupperware party," Eyvazzadeh told "I thought it would be a fun way to promote fertility awareness before it's too late."

The egg freezing party guests seemed to prefer talking about fertility over a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere instead of inside a doctor's office.

"I enjoyed listening to the presentation, and I learned a lot," said Elizabeth Leitner, a 22-year-old scientist at a biotech firm in Emeryville.

Alec Levenson, a senior research scientist and labor economist at USC's Marshall School of Business, called the egg freezing parties "innovative."

"If you can get people to refer something by word of mouth to friends and family, it's a much more effective marketing method than trying to do something through general advertising," Levenson told Speaking of marketing, guests received a 10 percent off coupon on a future procedure.

Some tech company employees will receive more financial help. Facebook already covers up to $20,000 for several procedures, including egg freezing. Meanwhile, Apple will include egg freezing and storage as part of its health insurance coverage policy next year. The companies say they're doing it to empower women to do the best work of their lives and still care for and raise families. Finally, help achieving both.

The Upshot

By paying for these procedures, the companies are not only making those options more affordable but more mainstream, and while the egg freezing parties may be providing these young women with drinks and hors d'oeuvres, they're also bringing to light valuable information that these women may not have otherwise gotten about these options. This is no purse party. It might be just as fun, but it's twice as important.

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