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New Mom Gets a Baby AND an Engagement Ring: See the Sweet Surprise Proposal!

The Short of It

A sweet video that's going viral shows new dad Michael Miles proposing to his girlfriend—while she's still in the hospital bed after the birth of their new baby girl!

The Lowdown

I'd argue that there are few peak life experiences that can top the moment when your newborn baby is placed in your arms—but Mississippi dad Michael Miles found a way to make what was already a beautiful, emotional time even more epic by proposing to his girlfriend, Triston Lowery, while they were still in the hospital following their daughter's birth. And the creative way the new papa popped the question is unbelievably sweet. Miles, who clearly enlisted the help of the hospital's nursing staff, had his baby girl dressed in a hand-lettered onesie that read, "Will you marry my daddy?"

As the video, which Miles' mom posted to Facebook, shows, a nurse hands baby Lynleigh to Lowery, who takes a moment to register the message, and then turns, shocked, to Miles—who is holding an engagement ring.

Miles told BuzzFeed that a proposal had been in the works for a long time, but that he wanted to pop the question in a way that included the couple's baby. He credits his own mom, Debra Norris Sadowski, with the idea. "I just went with it and it turned out really good," he said. "Everything went great and everything fell into place exactly the way it needed to."


The sweetest proposal EVER!!!

Posted by Debra Norris Sadowski on Friday, October 16, 2015

The Upshot

Sadowski's video has been viewed nearly 2.5 million times since its October 16th posting—and it's easy to understand why this is resonating with friends, family, and strangers alike. A new baby girl and a surprise proposal? It doesn't get much more awww-inducing than that. And did we mention she said yes!? And then that moment when baby Lynleigh reaches out and clutches her mama's newly-blinged ring finger?! We agree with Sadowski's post caption: The sweetest proposal EVER!!!

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