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New Mom Killed By Fake Social Worker Who Then Posed as Baby's Mother

The Short of It

Moms, another disturbing story about a woman being killed for her baby is making headlines. Let this awful situation serve as a warning to be extra cautious if you're pregnant or have a newborn.

The Lowdown

A horrible account has emerged from Indiana that involves a 23-year-old mom named Samantha Fleming. She was lured from her home by a lady posing as a child welfare worker. Unthinkably, Fleming was murdered, and the fake social worker then allegedly posed as the baby's mother.

We don't know the suspect's name, but what we do know is that on April 5, Fleming received a visit from someone claiming to be a welfare worker. She said the new mom needed to come with her to attend a court hearing. Fleming, who had some sort of case history, agreed. Her boyfriend watched her leave with the woman, and when she didn't return home, he contacted the police. Her body was found by investigators two weeks later in the home of the woman who had claimed to be from child protective services.

Fleming's 3-week-old baby was also found alive at the suspect's home. The baby was being cared for by the suspect's sister, while the suspect was visiting her mom in Texas. Authorities have since tracked the 36-year-old woman down in Texas, where she is undergoing treatment for depression. Her fate is unclear.

The suspect told friends and family she was pregnant and the baby was hers. Inconsistencies in her story—like saying at one point she was expecting twins, but then claiming one died—led to serious doubts about a pregnancy. Then, she wouldn't let anyone visit her in the hospital after the "birth." But sickeningly, she showed off "her baby" to neighbors.

Thankfully, the newborn baby, named Serenity, is now back with family members. It still remains a mystery just how the suspect knew so much about her victim.

The Upshot

You may remember another recent chilling story involving a pregnant Colorado woman who responded to a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. The person who posted the ad attacked the mom-to-be with a knife, cutting her unborn baby from her womb.

Clearly, pregnant women and new moms are targets for very sick people with twisted agendas. Please, please be careful moms! Don't go with anyone you don't know, let a stranger into your home or arrange a blind meeting at a stranger's home. If you aren't sure the situation is legitimate or safe, err on the side of caution and don't put yourself at risk.

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