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New Potty Training Method Caters to Your Child's Personality

The Short of It

Mom Esther Anderson from the blog Story of this Life introduces a new potty training method in a funny video that shows what it's really like for parents transitioning tots from diapers to the potty.

The Lowdown

It's a battle between mom and dad to see who has to change the most diapers in the Anderson household; they're even keeping tally! We first see this pregnant mom and her husband cringing their way through countless diaper changes in the "It's Potty Time!" YouTube video.

But then their toddler starts to show signs she is ready to ditch the diaper. And as Esther explains, "This whole potty training thing is brand new to us. And it's no secret we have absolutely no idea what we're doing."

The first time is always rough; in fact, I'm about to start toilet training my third daughter, and I'm still not sure I've got the hang of it. That's because each child is different—and that's where Pull-Ups' new Potty Partnership comes in. It teaches you how to work with your child's personality to determine the best potty training method for him or her.

You just take a quiz to find out what your child's personality is when it comes to the potty, and each is labeled as an animal: Owl, Puppy, Bear Cub, Turtle or Squirrel. I found out my youngest daughter is an Owl, which means she's determined, busy, and predictable. Yup, sounds about right.

After you find your child's "spirit animal," you then follow steps to customize a potty training program for your child that works at his or her pace according to how they learn. The Andersons will be sharing their journey as they use the program tailored to work with their daughter Ellia's "crazy-active little personality," as Esther puts it.

The Upshot

Even as a mom-of-three, I'm still open to any help I can get when it comes to potty training, because it's a huge transition in the life of a child—and for a parent. Plus, I truly appreciate a little "potty humor"—thank you, Esther!—as the potty training journey is definitely fraught with tears, from both mom and toddler!

Please feel free to share your best potty training tips below.

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