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Newborn Portrait Featuring Mom's C-Section Scar Sparks Debate

The Short of It

It's not uncommon for a proud mother to head to the portrait studio to capture some endearing pictures of her newborn. But after one mother decided to pose with her baby—and show off her C-section scar in celebration of the procedure that saved both her and her baby's life—the photo went viral online.

The Lowdown

Photographer Helen Aller, 29, created a tasteful black and white image of the mother's abdomen and upper thighs supporting her sleeping newborn baby. Aller photographed the mother's pregnancy before the baby was born and remembers the two talking about how scary it would be to have a C-section. Since the mother had to have the procedure done at the last minute, it sparked a creative photo idea.

"Well, last week she went into labor but had to have an emergency C-section after complications. She asked me to come over this morning and shoot this particular image as her worst nightmare proved to be what saved her and her child's lives," Aller wrote on Facebook.

After Aller posted the image on Facebook, it gained a lot of comments, both positive and hurtful. Some commentors say the image is a beautiful celebration of life, while others say it's gross and should be removed. The photographer tells readers to block her post if they don't want to see the photo.

The Upshot

As a shutterbug myself, I think the portrait is incredibly well done. It shows the bond between mother and child, and honestly, you see less skin in this picture than in some bikini advertisements. Yes, her C-section scar is showing, but is that any different than seeing stretch marks or the edge of a nipple in a breastfeeding photo? They're all part of being a mother.

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