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Newborn Survives after Being Buried Alive

The Short of It

A newborn girl has been rescued after she was buried alive under pieces of concrete.

The Lowdown

Angelica Blount and her sister Evangelina McCrary were walking on a path in Compton, Calif., on Friday when they heard crying. McCrary immediately thought it was a baby.

"I said, 'I don't know; it might be a cat,'" Blount told CNN affiliate KABC. "And my sister said, 'No, it's a baby crying.'"

Her sister was right.

After calling 911, two deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department found a newborn baby girl buried under pieces of asphalt and debris inside a crevice on the walking path. She was wrapped in what appeared to be a hospital blanket.

"There's indications that the child was born at a medical facility or at a hospital...because of the blanket," said Sgt. Marvin Jaramilla, of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

He said the baby had been born in the last 36 to 48 hours.

"If the child had spent the night there in those conditions, the baby wouldn't have survived," Jaramilla said.

Paramedics treated the baby girl at the scene before transporting her to the hospital, where she's listed in stable condition.

The Upshot

Los Angeles County has a "Baby Safe Surrender Program," which means instead of abandoning their baby, the parents could have handed her over to any hospital or fire station, no questions asked. Now, they will face attempted murder and child endangerment charges when they're found.

"I don't know how someone would just dump the baby and throw them in that hole and forget about it," resident Angel Flores told KABC.

Neither do we.

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