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Newlyweds Expecting Identical Quadruplets—Without Fertility Drug Help

The Short of It

A Canadian couple is expecting identical quadruplets; the chance of which is one in 15 million.

The Lowdown

File this under "shocks of a lifetime!" Despite having never used fertility treatments of any kind and having no history of multiples in their families, newlyweds Bethani and Tim Webb are expecting identical quadruplet girls.

"It was completely and totally natural. It was very spontaneous," the mom-to-be told Today.

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In fact, the couple found out they were pregnant just a few months after getting married! Bethani describes the moment an ultrasound technician delivered the big news that she was carrying quads:

"She turned the screen, and she started counting babies, and she counted baby one, baby two, baby three and baby four. ... I'm definitely glad I was laying down because I could not believe that there were four there. I thought there had to be some kind of mistake. ... (my husband) almost fainted. He had to sit down for a moment."

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Since that moment, they've been scrambling to get ready for the arrival of the quadruplets, who will be delivered around 32 weeks via C-section. Bethani explains that as first-time parents, she and Tim were completely unprepared to welcome four babies; they didn't even have a van or one car seat, let alone four!

The good news is that the pregnancy has had no complications, and all four girls appear to be healthy, weighing in at about 2 pounds 6 ounces each at 29 weeks.

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The Upshot

I too found out I was pregnant within months of my wedding, and believe me, that was a huge shock! Our lives basically changed completely overnight. But it was a singleton pregnancy, and I can't imagine what these newlyweds are going through trying to wrap their brains around having four babies, who will all look exactly alike!

The soon-to-be parents, who plan to use bracelets and headbands to tell the girls apart, do have names picked out, which is a good start. I mean, can you fathom having to agree on not one, but four names? If you want to help Abigail, McKayla, Grace and Emily once they arrive, visit the Webbs' GoFundMe page.

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