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Nurse Brings Outside Winter Fun to Sick Kids Inside Hospital

The Short of It

All children love playing in the snow, right? Unfortunately for kids who are sick in the hospital, building a snowman and having snowball fights aren't a reality. That's why one Maryland nurse stepped in to help a group of children too ill to go outside have fun in the snow anyway.

The Lowdown

In front of our house this weekend, children of all ages were sledding and making snow angels in the substantial accumulation that hit the East Coast. But 7-year-old Lucy Wiese, couldn't play outside because she suffers from an immune disorder called Job syndrome, and she is currently recovering from a bone marrow transplant at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland.

Going out in the harsh winter conditions could harm her and other sick kids in her ward; so, they figured they would just have to watch the fun from their hospital windows—until a nurse came to their rescue! The unnamed "snow angel" filled tubs with enough snow for a snowball fight, according to CBS News.

Lucy's mom Jan says her daughter was more interested in building a snowman than having a snowball fight, however.

"This kind of thing is not unusual here at NIH. The nurses are incredibly compassionate and caring. They really look out for the kids and the parents, and it feels like a community," Jan Wiese said. "Lucy has been at NIH for almost eight weeks and has barely been able to leave her room, so it was so much fun for her to be able to play with the snow."

The Upshot

I couldn't help but smile at the photos of Lucy playing in the snow. Her story also makes me feel so grateful for the simple things I often take for granted, namely that my kids think nothing of pulling on their snowpants during a snowfall and running out the front door to play. Here's hoping Lucy and the other children at NIH get to go home soon and enjoy just being kiddos! In the meantime, thank goodness for the kind nurses caring for them.

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