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Officials Question If Boy Who Requested Mail for His Birthday Is Really Ill

The Short of It

A few months ago, we brought you the story of Bubby Everson, a terminally ill 9-year-old Washington state boy, who wanted to receive mail for his birthday. His parents appealed to the public to send their son, who they said suffers from Cytomegalovirus (CMV), autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, deafness and scoliosis, as much mail as possible. Now Brandi and Thomas Everson stand accused of "caregiver fabricated illness," or making up their son's illnesses.

The Lowdown

Everson described the incident on May 22 that resulted in Bubby being removed from her home to King 5 News: "Two police officers knocked on the door. Then three social workers came in. They handed me a piece of paper and said we have an order to take your child. I fell to my knees."

CPS says Bubby is in "risk of imminent harm" if he stays in his parents' home, and he is now living at a Tacoma hospital while the case is investigated.

So why do officials believe the Eversons made up their son's illnesses? For now, due to confidentiality, they aren't saying.

In a statement, CPS said:

"A court, not the Department, determines whether a child should be removed from his or her home based on a variety of factors. Courts also determine when, or if, a child is returned to the custody of his or her parents, and what conditions must be met that would result in the return."

A petition has been set up to bring Bubby home. In part it reads:

"In February 2015, Bubby made the news in Washington, and people from all over the world, including President Obama, sent him birthday cards to celebrate 9th year...He is a medically/mentally fragile child with a long list of diagnosis includes but isn't limited to Congenital CMV; autism; brain calcifications; global delay; intellectually challenged; ODD; ADHD; sensory processing disorder; epilepsy; microcephaly; executive functioning impairment disorder; deaf with cochlear implants; G-tube fed a blended diet and formula; cerebral palsy; scoliosis; and compromised immune system. BUT NOW, he is one of the most recent victims of CPS Corruption. [sic]"

The petition goes on to say the accusation revolves around Everson rescheduling a therapy session for her son. The petition claims zero instances of neglect have been recorded in the past, but that a CPS officer who visited the home recently observed that the mom seemed tired and needed to regroup.

When Bubby was removed from the home by CPS, the petition says, "They gave his Mother less then 5 minutes to pack him a bag. They didn't take any of his medical supplies or formula for his special diet. They did not even have a car seat for him (he needs a specialized car seat)."

The Upshot

The Eversons say the removal of Bubby from their home amounts to "medical kidnapping." They also claim Bubby has been placed under undue stress and anxiety because he does not know what is happening to him.

But there is evidence to suggest some of CPS's claims are credible. A report claims the Eversons shared a document indicating Bubby's feeding tube and wheelchair are unnecessary. And, according to Yahoo Parenting, a doctor from Seattle Children's Hospital said the "mother continues to present misleading, incorrect and untrue facts, predictions, diagnosis and is actively working on plans related to his impending demise."

For now, we don't know which side of the story is true. We just hope the young boy caught in the middle is kept safe, and happy, wherever that may be.

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