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Over 100k People Follow 4-Year-Old Girl's Rock Climbing Feats Online

The Short of It

Arizona 4-year-old girl is an outdoor rock climbing rock star on Instagram—for real.

The Lowdown

Meet Hadlie Brechler, a 4-year-old rock climber with almost 110,000 followers on Instagram.

And I'm not talking about one of those indoor rock walls you see in some kiddie gyms, although she does use those for practice. This seriously impressive little girl is an actual outdoor rock climber, and she's been scaling some of her state's most difficult mountains with the help of her parents.

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According to her dad Jared, Hadlie started practicing her skills at home when she was just a year old!

"I leaned up a sheet of plywood against the side of our house and put some rock holds on it, and she started climbing," he told Good Morning America.

The little warrior then began trekking through mountainous terrain on her mom Morgan's back for basic short hikes that eventually turned into risky climbs and adventurous excursions—think Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, Mexico and Hawaii. Her proud parents then documented her feats on Instagram.

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A quick scroll through Morgan's feed reveals hundreds of stunning photos of the duo like this one:

"People enjoy feeling like they are a part of that with us," Morgan said. "If she doesn't specifically remember each and every trip that's fine, because we will have a lot of photos and videos for her to look back on."

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The Upshot

Inspired by their amazing kid, Jared and Morgan have now helped create the Born Wild Project, in order to "encourage families to raise children who are connected with wilderness and wildness."

"It's important for kids to be in touch with nature," Morgan said. "We get so lost behind technology. I want Hadlie to appreciate life, and I don't think there's any better way for her to learn, grow and have gratitude than to be friends with Mother Earth. I love that we are creating all these memories of traveling, camping, climbing and just being outside together. People say 'when you have kids your life is over' but I disagree. My life began when Hadlie became a part of it. She's my best friend and my inspiration. There's no one else I would rather share my adventures with than her."

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