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Owner Apologizes for Leaving Baby Alone in Locked Daycare

The Short of It

When Sharonda Ross and her husband arrived at their son's daycare, they never thought they'd have to break out a window to pick up their son, Jordan. But, when they arrived at Joann's Day Care and Camp in Houston, the front door was locked and no staff was present. They could hear their 10-month-old son crying inside the building, so the dad broke a window to get inside while the mom recorded the incident with her cell phone.

The Lowdown

Daycare owner Joann Davis publicly apologized Wednesday for the incident, which is now under investigation, since the mother is claiming it is a case of child abandonment.

"First, I'm deeply, terribly sorry," Davis told ABC 13 with tears forming in her eyes. "I thank God he was OK....It was our mistake. I'm not saying it's not...but the main thing is the baby's OK, and I'm sorry as I can be."

The business owner is considering adding an emergency after-hours phone number to the front door of the business to assist other parents in the future. And, she claims the employee who locked up the business for the evening just made a mistake and won't be fired.

The Upshot

Although Jordan's parents were 45 minutes late to pick up their child from the daycare, this situation is inexcusable. Thank goodness he is healthy and unharmed by the situation. At a minimum, the last daycare employee to leave the building should do a check of each room to be sure everyone has gone home for the day. And, if there are any children left, phone calls should be made—first to the parents, then to an emergency contact listed on the child's paperwork and finally to the local authorities, if necessary.

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