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Paralyzed 3-Year-Old Boy's Simple Wish Comes True

The Short of It

When asked for a wish, many children hope to meet their favorite movie star or singer. Some go to Disney. But 3-year-old Kellan Tilton simply wanted a wheelchair-accessible path leading from his home to the barn on his family's Maine property, so he could go out there with his dad. This month, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is making Kellan's dream come true.

The Lowdown

A video of the boy shows him excitedly cruising up and down the stone path, acting like a race car driver, and laughs fill the air as Make-A-Wish volunteers from area Maine businesses smile and continue construction on the path.

Kellan was born with a cancerous tumor on his abdomen and spine. He was paralyzed from the waist down when he underwent a 10-hour surgery to remove it when he was an infant. After several rounds of chemotherapy, the boy is now cancer-free and full of hope.

"He could have taken a trip anywhere," the organization's marketing director Sonya Purington told CBS News. "For him, what was most important was to be able to go outside and—as he said—'wheel myself from my house down to the barn.'"

The new $15,000 pathway, which features a bridge, should be complete by this weekend.

The Upshot

This story makes you realize that sometimes the simplest things in life are truly the best. For little Kellan, spending time outdoors and visiting the barn with his dad are his top priorities.

"He's been buzzing up and down that path all week long. Every morning and every night, it's the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up and last thing he wants to do before he goes to bed," Kellan's father told CBS News.

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