You are here Goes Shopping with Actress Kristen Bell (and We've Bagged the Coolest Stuff!)

What do you love most about shopping with your American Express Blue Cash Preferred card?

“I love using the card at the grocery store or for transportation services like Uber or to stream movies. Our week revolves around having get-togethers on the weekend with a bunch of family friends. We're either renting a movie on a streaming service or buying it for the kids to watch, or we're binge-watching our favorite television shows and having rewards on my most consistent purchases is really important to me to watch that cash back build up while I spend my money wisely.”

What is your must-have skincare product for the kids?

“To be honest, currently, it's Hello Bello, the company my husband and I just started. Shameless plug—the reason it's my favorite, and I actually do buy it because I believe in supporting my own company, is because I chose what's in it. We started Hello Bello at the beginning of this year to lower the price point of quality, responsibly harvested materials in a baby diaper and lotions and potions company. With the lotions and potions, I didn't want anything coming in contact with my kids that I felt had a so-so study behind it about affecting their hormones. I wanted everything to be as safe as possible, so I developed these products, their scents and the safety and efficacy with the science team. So for me, I would have to say I would be buying the Hello Bello products because I believe in them the most.”

What are your favorite clothing picks for your girls and why do you love them?

"Well, I have been buying a fair amount of second-hand clothing for them on thredUP because I find that they ruin everything so quickly or they grow out of it so fast. I also like Poshmark and Swap. They all have amazing used kids clothes. Or even shopping on eBay. As far as newer brands, I would say one of my favorite brands for comfy clothing for them is called Roux. It's a small California brand, and they make incredible, comfy jammies. I like this brand that's also here in California called Nico Nico. It favors a little bit more of a tomboy feel. And I really like Dôen, which is also based in L.A.. They make these gorgeous dresses, give a portion of the proceeds to girls charities, donate books and they make a lot of Mommy and Me styles. So for our Easter dresses, I was able to get matching dresses for the girls and me without sacrificing what I wanted to wear. A lot of the Mommy and Me stuff I find is like me wearing a child's dress, but they have these beautiful Boho dresses that also feel really comfortable. If there is a seam, it will be elastic on the kid's dress, which just makes it more comfortable and means my four-year-old will complain less. For outerwear, I love supporting Patagonia. I think that's such a responsible company. We're pretty Patagonia exclusive.”

What is your favorite beauty product and why do you love it?

“Oh, wow! I mean, look, I'm turning 39 this year, so it's definitely is changing. I really like the True Botanicals line, and I like their Repair Serum a lot! And I like their Nourishing Cleanser. I also like Intraceuticals quite a bit. They have a three-step system that has a hydration gel that has a lot of hyaluronic acid, which I like. And the other one I love that I still have to use—even though I'm almost 40 and still get pimples—is iS Clinical. They have an active serum, which keeps you pimple-free, that I put on at night. Pretty much anything with hyaluronic acid, I'm all about!”

What is the best online find you've purchased recently?

“When I shop online, I'll go to Poshmark or The RealReal. I find like amazing things like booties that have been completely broken in that are half the price, because they're from a used site. That stuff I love! I also do a fair amount of flea market shopping, but my favorite would probably be a label called Nanushka. It's brand out of Europe, and they make this vegan leather that is so soft and so durable. I bought a pair of vegan leather pants in green. I also bought this absolutely gigantic bag—it looks like a travel bag because it is over two feet wide and a foot and a half tall. It's a huge bag. I could fit my children in it! But when I'm going to and from work, I can throw anything in it. I can throw four S'well bottles in it. I can throw my lunch in it. It's enormous, and it's in this black embossed croc vegan leather that is so durable. I can't deny that the look is beautiful. It feels like it's made of used tires or something. I bought it two months ago, and I have used it so much, and it still looks brand new.”

What is a bargain must-have that you can't live without right now?

“I'm super into buying second-hand right now. I really like Chairish or going to the flea market or going on thredUP, The RealReal or Poshmark. The things I can't live without are the second-hand things. I'm finding that I feel better when I purchase them, because they're less expensive, and I'm getting the same amount of wear and tear out of them. Particularly with kids stuff. I've also bought used kids toys. Sometimes you have to wash them when they get here. Sometimes you don't, but the kids love them just the same. There's no new plastic packaging, but nobody knows the difference, and you're helping the environment while getting a discount. I'll say I'm open to anything used.”

Shop Kristen Bell's Favorite Things:


Hello Bello Bug Spray, ($8;


Hello Bello Lavender Bubble Bath, ($6;


Hello Bello Sunscreen Lotion, ($9;


Hello Bello Vanilla Apricot Shampoo/Wash, ($6;


Hello Bello Unscented Laundry Detergent ($13;


Dôen Sol shirred floral-print cotton-voile maxi dress, ($298; *Kristen has this dress style in red.


Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Essential 3 Step Pack with Daily Serum Plus Gel and Cream, ($145;


iS CLINICAL Active Serum, ($84;


Nanushka Kedu belted vegan leather straight-leg pants, ($485;


Nanushka Ethan Tie Waist Slim Leg Vegan Leather Trousers, ($404;


Nanushka Sahara Oversized Tote Bag, ($528;