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Parents Become Millionaires from YouTube Videos of Their Kids Playing

The Short of It

One California couple has made so much money from YouTube videos of their kids playing with everyday toys that they retired from their full-time jobs, bought cars and a home with cash, and don't have to worry about saving for their children's college educations.

The Lowdown

Parents, Mark and Rhea, and their kids, son Hulyan, 5; daughter Maya, 3; and baby Marxlen, 5 months old; are the stars of the YouTube channel Hulyan Maya. In the videos that are uploaded daily to the site, the kids play with toys like Thomas the Train and Big Wheels vehicles.

That's it. But the channel, which was launched in 2007, averages 3 million hits per day. Last week, it was the 42nd most watched channel on YouTube, right behind the channel for NBC's "The Voice."

The family made $1 million between 2010 and 2014, just from the ads that air before their videos. This year, they expect to make $1.5 million—seriously.

Mark says he thinks people watch to see the chemistry their family displays. He also credits his passion for making videos for why they're so successful. Both he and Rhea majored in mass communication arts. "I'm living a dream," he told Yahoo! Parenting.

And here's what Mark says other parents need if they're hoping to enjoy the same success: "Love of your family, love of what you do, hard work, and a little knowledge about film-making and video editing. Combine those together, and your channel will become successful. Well, a little luck will do the trick."

The Upshot

I have to say, I watched a few of the YouTube videos on the channel, and I definitely don't get it. Why would anyone watch these, let alone millions of people each day? I'm at a loss. But I'm thrilled for this family's good fortune and wish them much luck in the future!

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