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Parents Claim McDonald's Minion Toy Says Despicable Word

The Short of It

Some parents are convinced the Minion toy their kids got in a McDonald's Happy Meal says, "What the f&@#," when it's tapped.

The Lowdown

Parents have taken to the Internet to complain about the swearing Minion caveman, posting videos on social media of the toy supposedly repeating the offensive phrase. The toy is part of the promotion for the "Despicable Me" movies' prequel, "Minions," which premieres today.

McDonald's denies the toy is swearing and says a very small number of customers have contacted them about it. The company said, "Minions speak Minionese, which is a random combination of languages and nonsense words and sounds. Minionese has no translation to or any meaning in any recognized language. Any perceived similarities to words within the English language are purely coincidental."

The Upshot

I don't hear it. Maybe it vaguely sounds like the toy is swearing, but it mainly sounds like a garbled mess, like most cheap talking toys do. I wouldn't be concerned about my child repeating what it says, and if what she did repeat sounded like a swear, I would just correct her and say, "No, I think it's saying 'Brut da buck'" or something. However, I do question McDonald's and the "Minions" toymaker here as well. They should have made sure there was no way the Minionese could be heard as something offensive.

What do you think? Do you hear the Minion swearing?

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