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Parents Compare Babies' Chubby Arms to Bread in Online Photo Trend

The Short of It

A new fad in Japan has parents comparing their babies' chubby arms to loaves of bread.

The Lowdown

Using the hashtag #MyBaby'sGotTheBestBreadPhoto, the Daily Mail reports hundreds of Japanese parents have taken to social media to share side-by-side comparisons of their babies' arm rolls and sticks of "pull-apart bread," a popular brioche-style snack sold in Japanese grocery stores. The trend began when one dad noticed his baby's arm looked a lot like the bread and shared a photo online.

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The resemblance is striking, it must be said. But is this meme fat-shaming infants? At least one Twitter user pointed out the comparison may be fueling body image issues by tweeting, "The reason I do not wear a tank top."

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BuzzFeed reports Japanese parents are famous for comparing their babies to food. Another trend featured parents squishing their infants' chubby cheeks to look like rice balls and sharing the photos online.

The Upshot

Hey, chubby infants are cute. And part of me wants to just say this meme is all in good fun. But another part of me thinks it's just a little bit mean to poke fun of your baby on social media.

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Either way, I'm craving bread right now. Is that weird?

What is your take on the #MyBaby'sGotTheBestBreadPhoto trend?

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