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Parents Create Striking Photo Art for Baby's Milestones to Imagine His Future

The Short of It

All parents have big dreams for their children. But one couple has turned those hopes into beautiful works of art.


The Lowdown

Even though he's just a baby, Charlie Moldavon already has his own Instagram account, called Charlie Dreams Big. It features photos of the little boy enhanced by imaginative drawings of what he might be when he grows up.

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From a firefighter and a scuba diver, to a weightlifter and an astronaut, each week Charlie's parents create a stunning work of art to document their son's childhood.

The project started as a way to commemorate Charlie's milestones. The mom and dad explained to Pop Sugar, "We were racking our brains to come up with a concept. ... When nothing was working, Dave opened up a photo in Adobe Illustrator and began to play around with different ideas and ended up with Charlie's week one picture."

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From there, the collection of drawings generated a sizable following on Instagram; the tot has 1,500 followers and counting! And Charlie's innovative folks aren't stopping with a social media presence. They're writing a storybook based on the drawings and are in the process of developing an app that will allow other parents to create similar renderings using their kids' photos.


The Upshot

My personal favorite among the images of Charlie is the one with him straddling a balance beam. Maybe that's because my daughter dreams of growing up to be a famous gymnast, or because it's so darn creative!

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Which drawing captures your fancy?

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