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Parents Drown Out Bullying on Burnbook App with Positive Messages

The Short of It

After they found out kids were bullying each other through an app called Burnbook, parents began flooding the app with positive comments.

The Lowdown

Remember the movie "Mean Girls?" The "plastics" (a.k.a. popular girls) had a "burnbook," where they wrote hurtful things about their classmates. And now, an app by the same name has given kids the ability to post comments about others anonymously. Just like in "Mean Girls," the negativity got out of control between students at North Pocono High School in Covington Township, Penn.

"These anonymous posts are even more difficult to address because it's hard to trace who's doing these things, and it causes disruption to the school day," the school's superintendent, Bryan McGraw, told WNEP News.

But North Pocono parents have fought back against the cyberbullying. They've jumped on the app and have been posting positive messages, such as, "Hope your day is filled with light and love! Love, an NP mom." Now, when you look at the app, there's no bullying to be found because the positive messages drowned out the negative ones.

The Upshot

We've heard of parents confronting bullies the wrong way: using physical force, as in the moms in Fresno, who pushed and touched their kid's bullies and were arrested for it. Absolutely, parents should get involved when bullying situations occur, but the North Pocono parents have a better idea of how to do it.

Sometimes, we feel helpless in parenting situations like this, but this just proves that we do have the ability to turn it around. Spreading messages of positivity and modeling good behavior to our kids—and their bullies—is the right way to go.

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