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Parents End 11-Year Friendship Over Gay Slur Toward Their Son

The Short of It

Parents end a relationship of 11 years when a "friend" calls their son a faggot.

The Lowdown

Reddit user "kidsnneighbordrama" posted that a friend and neighbor called their son a gay slur in a group of people. The user wrote, "Another woman in the group who is a close friend told me about this and made sure that we knew he was very much sober when he said this."

Not that it should matter whether alcohol was involved!

The mom continued: "My husband asked him about it and he fessed up but said it was just the alcohol talking. My husband explained that this was still very much unacceptable even if it were true and told him that we didn't really want him round at our place anymore.[sic]"

The thing is, the two families have been friends for 11 years. Some mutual friends are saying the parents shouldn't throw away such a long relationship over one incident, and they're even defending the horrible comment, saying he didn't know better.

"He's 45? The hell you mean he doesn't know better? I mean yes, he comes from a very Christian family and is quite religious but even if you don't like the fact that someone whose kid isn't yours is gay, you should keep your mouth shut and keep that to yourself," the post continues. She also says, "Yes, our 17 year old son is gay. He came out last year, my husband and I don't care. He's our son and he's amazing and we are damn proud of it.[sic]"

Most comments to the post are supportive of the parents' decision to severe ties with the "friend." One response pointed out, "He's a coward and he said it behind the son's and the parents' back."

Another comment reads, "Exactly—for your son—this is the BEST course of action in the world. You are showing him that you will always have his back and don't tolerate the people who discriminate against him. I would have killed for parents as supportive as you."

The Upshot

The most important thing you can teach your child is that you support them, no matter what. I too applaud these parents for how they handled the situation. There's nothing to be gained from a friendship with such a negative, mean-spirited person anyway.

Would you end a long friendship with someone who insulted your child?

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