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Parents FedEx Their Family through Blizzard for Daughter's Transplant

The Short of It

Parents use FedEx to "ship" themselves through a blizzard to get their daughter's organ transplant.

The Lowdown

Nick and Jesse Faris were thrilled to learn that after a year-long wait, a liver was finally available for their adopted daughter, Brooklyn, who suffers from a rare genetic disease called Alagille syndrome. They quickly looked into booking a flight from their hometown, Memphis, to the hospital in Chicago, but a huge blizzard in the Midwest presented a major logistical challenge.

Upon learning most flights were canceled, Jesse told Pop Sugar that they realized, "It became apparent we were going to have to be pretty creative."

Should they drive the eight hours? Book a private jet? Um, what if they "shipped" themselves via FedEx?

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The shipping carrier was still flying despite the weather, and the crew members were happy to help once they talked to the Faris family and understood their dire situation. That night, the family of three boarded a FedEx jet and landed in Chicago an hour later.

"I do remember looking at Nick, and we were just shaking our heads because it was just completely surreal, the entire afternoon and evening events," Jesse said.

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The Upshot

The family posted this update on Facebook, along with a photo that appears to show them on the roof of a building: "Brooklyn, Nick, and Jesse are more than overjoyed to be 'out of the hospital'! [sic]." They ask that financial donations be made to

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This story just proves what all parents know: We'd do anything for our kids, even if it means "shipping" them to health or safety.

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