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Parents Finally Reunite with Adopted Sons after 3 Years in Emotional Video


The Short of It

An emotional video of parents reuniting with their adopted sons after three long years goes viral.

The Lowdown

Jennifer Murrow Grover and her husband, James, were overjoyed to meet their adopted sons, Joseph, 14, and Bronson, 7, at the Salt Lake City International Airport on March 1, 2016. This moment was an unimaginably long time in the making; in fact, the Grovers started the adoption process back in 2012!

Before the boys' U.S. visas could be approved, the Democratic Republic of Congo placed a suspension on adoptions. Joseph and Bronson were forced to live in an orphanage with little food and no running water, and subsequently, both suffered from malaria, according to Us Weekly.

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When Jennifer and James were finally able to put their arms around their boys, the emotional moment was captured on video. In the dramatic footage, you can hear Jennifer sobbing as she embraces Bronson, and James holds on to Joseph for dear life. Um, am I alone in having a huge lump in my throat over here? Then Jennifer plants loving kisses all over her son, and this amazing family goes in for a giant group hug. The video has been viewed more than 5 million times since it was posted to Facebook.

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Jennifer and James are already parents of biological kids Emily, 19; Brianne, 17; Joshua, 16; and Jeffrey, 12; as well as adopted kids Lauren, 14, from Kazakhstan; Michael, 12, from China; and Jacob from China, who died in 2013. But they say although they'd already been through the adoption process, this time it sent them on an emotional roller coaster.

"Until I was holding them, I didn't believe it," the mom told Today. "We had done everything—the lengthy court process, were financially responsible for them and had even been over to meet them. They were ours in every way. I can't describe the pain I was feeling during that period of limbo."

The Upshot

Sniff. Wow. The love these parents feel for their adopted sons is palpable in this video. And from their reactions, it's clear they went through a lot to finally enjoy this very sacred reunion moment.

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The boys are now reportedly adjusting well to life in Utah, including bonding with their siblings.

"I was expecting things to be difficult because of their age and the stark contrast in conditions," Jennifer told Us Weekly, "but I was very pleasantly surprised. All the kids have attached in every sense of the word."

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